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About PeaceQuest

We may not always realize it but there are many people around us who lack a general feeling of contentment, happiness and freedom. Very few of us have a real peace of mind because we carry around pockets of pain in our heart. These pockets of pain, related to earlier negative experiences in our lives, […]

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Abid Jan

About the Author

Abid Jan is a political analyst and community development specialist. He contributed thousands of articles and six books on international politics from 1990 to 2006.  Abid Jan wrote extensively on the issues of world peace, human rights and man’s inhumanity to man. In 2006, he decided to quiet writing, questioning the effectiveness of merely analyzing […]

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Why are we here?

Why Are We Here

Abid Jan Why we are here has been one of the most burning questions of human history.   According to the chance theory every individual arrives into this world as a culmination of a chain of seeming co-incidences from a particular sperm reaching a particular egg to the chance that parents of the baby happen to […]

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