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About the Author – Abid Ullah Jan

Abid Ullah Jan is a political analyst and community development specialist. He contributed thousands of articles and six books on international politics from 1990 to 2006.  Abid Jan wrote extensively on the issues of world peace, human rights and man’s inhumanity to man. In 2006, he decided to quiet writing, questioning the effectiveness of merely analyzing and writing, and the ever worsening plight of humanity and also questioning the possible solution/s.

Since 2006, Abid Ullah Jan has devoted  his time to learning and exploring existential questions that haunt human beings since the beginning of time – questions concerning the essence of what it means to be alive, such as: What is life? What is the meaning and the essence of existence? Are we here merely by chance or is there a greater purpose for our existence? How should we live our life? What is death? What happens when we die? And above all: Is there a God, and, if so, what is the purpose of our existence in that context?

After 10 years of giving up on the traditional political analysis, Abid Ullah Jan had thoroughly explored the world of knowledge as a neutral researcher. So, in 2016 Abid Jan started sharing his findings in the form of video documentaries. The documentaries and short videos that you find here and on the YouTube channel, PeaceQuest, are bring to you the essence of Abid Jan 27 years critically analyzing the roots of our existential crisis.

Most of us don’t walk around every day asking these questions. However, it is understanding the answer to these questions that leads one to realizing the reason for ever increasing chaos in our personal and global life.

If we want happiness in our lives; if we want to stay away from depression and anxiety as individuals and from oppression, wars and exploitations as humanity together, we need to ask ourselves what is our true nature is – our true meaning, our true essence as a human beings. These documentaries will help you remove the surface meaning so you could see what does your life mean when you no longer have what you think  give your life meaning.

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